Friday, July 06, 2007

Well, that was quick.

So I'm almost done Clapotis. Well, I'm done with the straight bits and I'm on the decreases, which is a good sign. I'll probably be blocking it on Sunday, therefore knitting on my Binary scarf. I guess I jinxed myself. Hah!

Oh, I was envious of Nicole's Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton on Sunday, so I bought some in Graphite (read: not black!! and I had a choice and could have gotten black, but I didn't!! Go me!) to make Something Red. Okay, it will be "Something Not Red" or "Something Grey" because I really want a nice grey cardigan. I have a pretty crummy one I bought at Goodwill I've been hanging on to, so this is definetely an upgrade.

But I can't start it until Webs gets me my darn order! So looks like I'll be knitting some binary or ripping out that damn sideways shawl that is just the wrong proportions. Figures.

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