Monday, July 16, 2007

Ruffle Stole

I'm never afraid to post a crappy photo when it has knitting in it. Don't mind me, trying to smile as I have throbbing shooting pains going up and down my neck and shoulder. I got a really bad kink/pull when I was sitting down. Yes, I got injured sitting down.

The Ruffle Stole from Made with probably 1 skein of Cherry Tree Hill Zebra Caribe. Just an fyi, this stuff bleeds. Wow, my once cool skull towel is now kind of ruined. Oh well. It only took a few days. It biased on the ends, but it is kind of cool that way. Silly cotton.

Now I'm 95% done with my binary scarf too. Yes, I'm going back to one project at a time, I can't take the distractions!


Elspeth said...

I love the scarf! Your neck looks great too - how's the healing going?

spirals said...

this is unbelievable... i am in awe... i must have one!