Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Math is hard.

Okay, it is 7am and I'm not awake. Can we go over some math? I'm not getting gauge in this cotton, and I washed and dried the swatch.

I don't want to go below a size 6 needle. I'm getting 4.5" per 18 sts in width, but my row count is on (which is great, means it shrunk up .25 and grew .25 inches).

So if I made the 32" bust, that is 8 4" sections. Add the extra .5 8 times (4") and I should get a 36" bust.


Also, when I'm measuring in length remember to add .25 for shrinkage (or pull it out of the dryer before it fully drys, haha).

That math makes sense right? I'd love to actually wear this, I love the yarn! I guess I'll cast on in the next few days. I'll post photos of the binary scarf when I get to work, I need some breakfast!

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