Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I had lots of good stuff here.

Well, my blogger application ate my post. Bastard.

The AntiCraft is a cool new knitting webzine. It has some funky patterns. I especially like Eternal Embrace, Snowball's Chance in Hell, and Bad Juju will always make a cute gift.

On the sweater, I'm just about to start the bust increases on the front. You divide for the neck, and how I see it, there will be 2 triangles because of the raglan shaping. Then after the sleeves are done, you pick up along the neck, the live stitches on the sleeves and the back and do the neckband that way attaching all the pieces. Pretty weird. Seam the sleeves and sides (if it fits) and ta da! If the sweater does not fit (NO stretch to this fuzzy stuff) then it gets a corsetted ribbon on the sides. It all depends on if I can get it over my boobs ;)

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Elspeth said...

I'm not making it, but I love A Snowball's Chance in Hell.