Thursday, November 10, 2005

The question:

For work:

Do I list something as "knit" because that's what is in the system, and what will be printed on the invoice, even when its cr*chet? Will only knitters who love the big mouthless cat hate me, or should I educate the average customer, even if it will show wrong on the invoice....

And is it bad that I skipped ordering 99% of the cro*chet items in the catalog? Heh.


Elspeth said...

Hmm, interesting question. I think I wouldn't unless you have to. Of course I can't think of what else to call something like the crocheted bolero I saw at Target which was a crochet pattern but I'm sure made by a crocheting machine of some sort.

Elspeth said...

In this Delia's item, it specifies crochet:

so I'm thinking, go ahead.