Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Always thinking...

So as I'm still knitting the back of my sweater, I'm thinking of xmas pt 2. That's xmas for MY side of the family. They get their gifts in December, you know, around the real xmas. The inlaws get Thanksgiving (American Thanksgiving) gifts and a little trinket in December.

It honestly works out better.

So I only have 3 gifts for December, which is cool.

1. Niece (17) -Pink arm/wristwarmers ala voodoo/irish hiking scarf/new mag pattern I got. Need something nice and pink. Or girly. Or something.

2. Sister Inlaw -Grey fuzzy Joann Angel Hair Spiderweb Caplet. Oh, soft, fuzzy and warm!

3. Brother -Wants a skull and xbone hat. Not sure he's getting it. Heh. So a hat and slippers of some sort or something. Not sure how I'm going to outdo the damn Skull Scarf he loves.


Elspeth said...

Great idea about the spider web capelet -- that took, what, a couple of hours to make? Or was it a couple of dollars?! If my gifts were only that easy. I can't think of anything for my dad!

Shannon said...

A couple of hours AND a couple of dollars! Lots of bang for your buck, and time ;)