Friday, November 25, 2005

I'm surviving.

There's nothing like a panic attack when you pack 5 hours of project for a 4 hour flight, and then have a 2 hour delay. Yes, I ran out of yarn...ugh. Then I had to go all low tech and read.

I'm pretty impressed I remember how to do that ;)

Then all over St. Louis looking for some damn Lionbrand Jiffy in BLACK. Michaels, Garden Ridge and Joanns denied me. However Hobby Lobby (there's only 1 here) rocked. Oh, and it was $1 cheaper here regular price. I figured starting a project where the yarn was "easily obtainable" was good. Hell I was wrong.

But all is good, and I'm halfway up the yoke on my sweater. I say 75% done? I wish it were closer to 100% since its COLD AS HELL here. The weather channel said it would be in the 40s to 60s here. Ya right. Try 20s. Assholes. I threw out my winter jacket here at the gym (actually left it in the lost and found to be donated) because the lining was just falling apart again and I didn't want to resew it. Ended up buying a jacket that has no pockets. Damn women's jackets.

Anyway, besides freezing my ass off, and my inlaws yelling constantly, things are well. We went for sushi for lunch with friends, and they are all out now.

Peace and quiet....and knitting :)

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