Monday, November 14, 2005

Yay for Birthdays

Elspeth rocks my socks. She is such an amazing friend, and I would have never met her if we didn't both have this knitting obsession thing going on. She's thoughtful, kind and an honest person. I'm so glad to have her in my life.

Of course, its dark as hell and the flash wasn't cooperating with me. The roses are a nice deep velvety colour. I'm still giggling about them.

Thank you Elspeth! I'd call you but I'm a dumbass and can't find where I filed away your number. DOH! I suck!

PS: Excuse the Superman/Batman card I made for Ben, it was on the table still! Heheh!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Shannon!!

HoJo said...

Hey! Happy Birthday! You really need to come by and say hi! I'll never be able to get to peninsula knitters again ;{. I was thinking of you last night when my "desperate knitters" clothes came in. One of the night shirts has a girl with a night cap and bunny slippers sitting there knitting.

Shannon said...

Hojo, its Totally on my list! I just need a few hours off from work! That night shirt sounds adorable! hahah! I've even been told to use the back door or just run to the back of the store where all the Shannon friendly yarn is! I can't wait!