Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm usually organized

So this morning I tore apart my office. Well, not really, but I moved a lot of crap to see where a damn book went to. I'm missing my Knit Socks! book. I love that little sock shaped book! It has some keen patterns in it, and I wanted to use a basic pattern I've used before to make me a pair of fixation anklets (so I didn't have to figure out a pattern while drugged up). I guess I'm not making anklets, since I'm waaayy too lazy to write something out before surgery, and I'm smart and don't trust myself while I'm hopped up on drugs. Maybe I'll start that kaleidoscope afghan.

I need step by step for this weekend ;)

Things are looking good on the SKB. I have 2 more lace repeats on the final sleeve, then I'm off of the bicep and moving on down. It all depends on how long errands (and the extra large dinner I have planned) take on Thursday, but then again my surgery isn't until LATE afternoon on Friday, and I'll need something to occupy myself from not eating for 13 hours. Or drinking. This is my personal version of hell people. I eat every 2-3 hours, and I drink water constantly!

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mainiax said...

good luck today I'll be thinking of you.