Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm getting there!

So I'm done with the body. I need 2 sleeves and the neckline done. You can't really notice the beading, but I swear it is there. I'm really liking this one.

I hope to have it done before I go in the hospital on the 29th. That way I don't have to think about finishing it up after surgery. Yes, I'm having surgery. I have some nodules on my thyroid that are quite big, and they can't seem to figure out if they are cancerous or not. SO, I decided to have it all out and be done with it. I should be fine. If I have a big scar, my husband has promised me a pretty tattoo. I might be incommunicado for awhile, as I'll probably want to sleep a lot.

So I have a lot of knitting to get done. Oh, and work too. Ugh.


HoJo said...

I hope you get a whole lot of knitting done while recovering and that everything is ok. Please email me your snail mail address.

Ava said...

Hope everything goes well with your surgery. Love your top. What pattern is it?

mainiax said...

Can you send me your snail mail address too.

that is a really nice top I wish I could knit faster you make such nice stuff.


Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Are you using the tilli tomas? How is that? If not, what? I'm trying to find a good substitute yarn.

Hope you recover fast after the surgery. :-)

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

The sweater looks wonderful, I can't wait to make some real progress on mine!

Surgery? Yipes! Best wishes for a speedy recovery full of time in which you'll feel like knitting/playing video games/whatever instead of feeling icky! Boy says he knows when I am really sick because I don't even feel like knitting...

BlackCrow said...

That really is a beautiful piece of knitting...what patience!

Yuck you have to go to surgery...I hope all goes well and those nasty nodules go away!
Figers and toes all crossed for yah!

roxtarchic said...

ok... LOVING that top... would also love to know the pattern (and the yarn).... it's GORGEOUS... i just hadta tell ya that.

and best wishes for your surgery. i'm sure you'll be fine & do some wonderful knitting during your recovery. you really do nice nice work!!!!