Friday, September 08, 2006


I'm adding beads to the lace, as opposed to some of that crazy carry-along yarn being used. As my loving husband put it, I'd look like Charro (and not in a good way)with some of that crazy stuff. So I took the middle road. Some simple seed beads spaced nicely to dress it up a bit. Not plain, and not insane.

I think.

Anyway, it calls for double counting, but it kinda works well with keeping the lace on track. Even if it does make things slower. So I have 1 repeat done, and need a ton more. This thing isn't going to grow quickly. I'm sure I'll be working on the beading still at knitting on Sunday.

Yes, I'm planning on going. I even tried to move plans for the Clayton Art Festival to Saturday. The next week is Rob Zombie so I will be missing knitting that day since we're planning on hanging out with friends beforehand. And I need to figure out what kids wear to concerts these days ;)

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Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

I have some beads I was thinking of using, but I'm not sure I want that much sparkle around my belly.

I just ordered new needles in a vain attempt to get gauge, wish me luck!