Monday, September 11, 2006


Just as I told the group I was going to go to knitting, my loving husband dumped a whole glass of green tea iced tea all over my knitting. He saved everything BEFORE of course picking up my knitting. The only saving grace was that it was unsweet. Oh, and my knitting is black.

Thanks. That free Patternworks catalogue really needed saving before my damn soy silk that you paid for buddy!

So I tried to wring it out and put it infront of the fan. Let me tell you, it is uncomfortable to knit soy silk when it is damp and you are using needles that are too small for the gauge (the lace bit calls for smaller needles).

I did it though. Because this wasn't going to break me dammit. I got 1 repeat done and then just gave up. Things go so slowly when beading. And counting. And trying to wring out your knitting.

So hopefully sometime early this week I will be done with the lace and move on to the bottom of the sweater. I'm looking forward to dry knitting.


Will Pillage For Yarn said...

ACK. I feel your pain. Icarus may be dry, but it is sticky. Sticky alpaca is no fun.

Hope things dry out soon. :-(

Stary said...

Ouch. Tea is the worst. I don't drink it but my boyfriend has managed to spill it all over my room before. Hope it dries up soon.

BlackCrow said...

oh poo....that soya silk sounds like its cursed!

I really wanted to try it...not so sure now.
I did check out the sea silk you mentioned on the gpre, wow there are some nice stuff there.
But i didn't see any patterns using the sea silk.

Caroline said...

Husbands, even extremely good ones, can be knitting "underminers." It's good that you continued despite the stickiness. We don't want his behavior to reinforced in any way:)

I love your puppy slippers!