Monday, May 01, 2006

What else?

Okay, I have a little less than 2 balls of GGH Safari left. Honestly, I like it! Linen is a pretty cool thing when washed up. Anyway, what do I make with less than 2 balls? Oh, maybe a scarf. Of course a scarf! A scarf with bats!

From Barbara Walker's 3rd book. Okay, I don't have it in my hands yet, but I'm working on Green Gables (in black) anyway. So far, its a pretty fun knit! I'll post progress photos soon.


Jen said...

Love the bats, so cute! I was also just looking at that book, some interesting motifs in there.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

love ze bats, I may have to get htat book, I've got a mamagoth pal about to have a babybat and I could just see it in a nice soft black blanket.

Btw, I totally just friended you on LJ.