Monday, May 22, 2006

Insane? Why yes please! I'll take two!

How ridiculous is it to think that I should make the Psychedelic Squares Afghan? I mean really? With lots of black. Or maybe not! I almost got sucked into the fish, but I came out of that unscathed.

The problem? Well, I can't decide on a colour scheme. I don't want clown barf in my home. I thought about always keeping black consistant and then having other bright colours throughout. If I did happen to take on this project, I would not be monogamous anymore. There is no way I'm sitting through a mitered square afghan without working on something else. I already know that's crazy talk.

I don't know. Shine Worsted comes in many pretty colours, but hell, so does Simply Soft. Shine comes in smaller quantities, which is ideal mind you. I also prefer the garter squares, since they don't really need a hefty blocking.

This is the kind of thing I think about when I'm supposed to be working.


Anonymous said...

I think the afghan is a good idea, it's modular so you won't overheat over the summer. I know you knit like the freakin' wind, but you may want to have a little piece on the side so your brain doesn't melt.

Your SP8 Pal!

Autumn said...

You know what I think if you use some grey along with the bright colors you'll have less chance of it looking like clown barf. :)

Impossible Princess said...

did your packages come in yet? I would think they would have...