Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Its getting hot in herrr....

Nothing like "modeling" a sweater (nomatter how mini) in 88 degree heat. Woo hoo!

The Antropologie Caplet, ala Tim Burton. Pattern on Lionbrand Jiffy, less than 2 balls. I'm wearing it "inside out" since its striped.

Sorry, all the photos of the back are blurry. It looks like a mini sweater from the back, you'll just have to trust me!


BlackCrow said...

I love favourite colour scheme Tim Burton purple and black stripes.
But it would be too cold to wear something like this down here in Tassie....its freezing!!
Rowen big wool jumpers is what I'm knitting:)

HoJo said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get a sweater done before the real heat sets in. What do you knit in the summer?

Your SP8 SP