Thursday, May 04, 2006

Not much going on.

I haven't knit since Monday. That's quite a lot since I didn't sleep on Tuesday night. Why (about the no knitting, the sleep thing is unrelated)? Well, I'm bummed out. Reading the Green Gables Knitalong, I've found out that the small sizes are smaller than marked, the middle one perfect, and the larger sizes are larger than marked. So, unless I have magic skillz, my 38" will be 41.5".

You know, I knit the 38", to get a 38". I don't want 3.5" of ease. Really. In cotton. But my knitting foo might be spot on this time. Really! Man, in order to get gauge I had to go down to a size 5 needle, so its not that fun in the first place.

My solution? No, I'm not frogging it. Its a top down raglan silly! I can try it on and see what's up! Hah! Okay, I seriously hate trying on top down raglans but if it saves me 3.5" it might work. So the sweater has been sitting there 3 days waiting for a tryon status report. But I don't wanna. Even though I used interchangeable needles and I can add a cord to try it on.

Man, I'm lazy!

Last night there was a new knitting night (they only had 1 date) at the library by my house. I didn't go because I was running on fumes (3rd wave fumes) and had to make dinner. Food to an overtired body is more important than knitting. Plus, I didn't want to try on my damn sweater. The fake meatball sandwich did hit the spot though!

In other news: I love this, and its crochet.

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Elspeth said...

They're pulling you over to the dark side.