Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Even when I look for colour I can't find it.

So I wanted to make the OSW next. I wanted it in a nice dark green. I was just going to use Simply Soft, to get the pattern down at least, and they have a nice dark green. Well, not in my hood. Bastards. I just want a damn green shrug.

Then I fall madly in love with Orangina. I have no idea where this love came from, probably pms. I've seen it a zillion times. So I'm looking around for something to make it in (green, it was all about green yesterday), because I won't buy the damn pattern until I buy the yarn this time around. And I can't find anything cool for this either. It's cotton for heavens sake. I could use the Rowan, but honestly, this love came on so quickly that I just wanted to make it out of something cheap. I don't trust my sudden infatuation. And the 4ply doesn't come in a nice darker green.

After that infatuation, I find myself wanting to make Clapoti. Now, while I'm going through this, I completely understand that it must be hormones. I mean, its cute and all, but I feel like I'm shopping in the bad part of Value Village, where all the retro but not cool enough stuff is. Not that Clapoti doesn't have its cult following. But it would look awesome in a blue and black colorway. Right? All the while, I'm noting that I'm quite insane and behind the times. Hey, at least I'm in that knitalong!

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