Thursday, May 18, 2006

Oh, elann is so quick!

Okay, I ordered a bunch of stuff on Saturday. Of course it didn't process till Monday, but look what I got in the mail yesterday afternoon!

Hey look color! And no, that's not for my SP, its for me. Muahah! Oh, the 2 hanks are from a knitters review stash reduction, they are so pretty. Anyway, my kinda review of the elann yarns:

>Endless Summer Collection Connemara (the green):
Much more earthy in person. I like it a lot. It feels nice, and doesn't seem as heavy as most cotton. Probably because I'm working with a very heavy cotton now. This is for the lace top that they have the pattern for on the product page.

>Peruvian Collection Baby Silk (the blue):
Wow. This stuff feels SOO nice. I need to get a metric ton of this in black. After I figure out what to make in such a fine gauge. Hell, maybe in green and other colours too.

>Schoeller Stahl Micro Cable:
This feels really quite nice for an acrylic. Cheap too. I'm planning on making >Angelica with it. It also came with the free pattern pictured.

>Schoeller Stahl Portofino:
I can't believe I bought this bubble yarn. And you know, its going to make a fun comfy "curl up and read a book with a pot of tea" wrap sweater. Its lightweight but looks warm. Hey, less than $13.00 for a funky sweater? I'm planning on making Grace with it. Not fancy, but hey, I might need something dull after all the lace I have planned.

And now off to try to figure out why my percentage bar says 100% on a pc. It doesn't on a mac. Figures.


Elspeth said...

Did you fix it? Because on my PC it says 85%. P.S. Nice yarn!

Anonymous said...

It says 85% on mine too!

Your SP

Anonymous said...

You have one mor epackage fro me.. well 2..

a box from me and a few things I ordred from a few sites...

PLEASE tell me when they get shipped...

Peggy said...

I bought the Aspen Frost for the poncho and still need enough to do about 80 (15 stitch) rows. If you have any left over and have this color, please let me know if you are willing to sell it. Elann has no more of the Aspen Frost. Thanks Peggy