Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I know, I shouldn't have started it

Well, last night I tried to go to bed early, but failed. I was tired, and didn't want to look at a sock. I cast on for the Mens "Cashmere" Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

I know I only do one project at a time, but there's that sock clause. Anyway...its the easiest pattern in the world, I'm embarrassed that its a pattern. Row 1: *K3 P1* till last 3, K3 Row 2: K. I hope I don't get in trouble for posting that! Haha!

Anyway, I have good reason to start this project. I figure by the end of knitting tonight, I'll have my ribbing done on my sock (its only 12 rows) and be into lace. I don't want to do lace at the baseball game tomorrow.

Yes, I'm going to a baseball game, in JEANS. And you thought you knew me? Hah! Okay, its for work, and I have to go. But I do own jeans now, thanks to Elspeth holding my hand at the mall ;) Of course I'll be wearing my black cowboy hat that I bought last year for the event. Its all about sun protection! And I know that HoJo knits at baseball games all the time, and since I never fit in with my coworkers, its a perfect venue to get some things done.

And eat garlic fries.

And get rid of Wool Ease stash.

Did I mention garlic fries?


Lu said...

Oh my, would you need the book with you at the game or can you memorize that?

Elspeth said...

So where will you fit in knitting and flamenco if you have a game?

I think I need some quick knitting myself. Sunday at the zoo I was thinking I really need some gauntlets because it was cold!

Shannon said...

Baseball is tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon! It's your secret pal here. I'm very excited to get the ball rolling with "ye olde spoiling." Please let me know if there's anything your heart truly desires aside from what you mentioned in your SP6 questionnaire.

I'm going to send something small your way before the end of the week, just to see how long it takes to get from my undisclosed location to your house. After that, it's a no-holds-bard spoiling free-for-all!


Shannon said...

Yay! Secret Pal! Yay! *happy dance*

Elspeth said...

Oh, I was quite confused. You have a great Secret Pal already, wonderful!