Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Work has been busy. Everything is coming along, I just don't have time to knit. Then when I do have time, I run off and redesign my site. Ya, just because I'm not busy enough with the day job.

Oh well. The father inlaw sock is started, and I'm using a basic pattern. I found the wine colour Fixation at Cottage Yarns. In fact, they only had a single left. I tried to peer through their sale stuff, but honestly I don't need more. Plus, the other woman digging in the basket was hoarding all the black. Grr.

Today I need to leave work early and take Raven (the bunny) to the vet. Wish us luck. Hopefully her weepy eye is just allergies. Ugh. Poor bunny. Then off to pick up my drugs at Walgreens, Flamenco, bring burritos home to feed the husband, and then off to knitting!

I will knit today dammit! Tuesdays are too busy.

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