Monday, September 26, 2005

Pretty Comfy

Got a bit of knitting done this weekend. Unfortunately, I did mess up the heel and it knocked everything a stitch off....but, oh well. I'm at the heel of the second, which I will do tonight. It is pretty comfy, which is why its stretched out a bit compared to the one on the needles. Notice the lifeline? Yes, I rock, and probably won't even need it now that I added it. Figures.

I sent off a huge package to my secret pal today, I hope she likes it!


Elspeth said...

You're making us all look bad! How many packages are you planning on sending? I thought it ended in Dec. which would make it 4 months instead of 3 so I'm confused! Great socks!

Shannon said...

I was going to send 3 :)

Elspeth said...

I re-read it -- it ends Dec. 4th so 3 makes sense - Sept, Oct, Nov.