Monday, September 10, 2007

Secret of the Stole

Since I can't seem to get my act together for the whole mystery stole/shawl thing, I signed up for the Secret of the Stole which is supposedly a lot easier and you won't rip out your hair as much as those "other" lace KALs.

Hey, I got to buy some black misti alpaca lace weight and some beads for it. I just couldn't say no! It figures, I have the knitpicks lace yarns (well, not the wool one, duh), but of course I only have 2, not 3 hanks. And I bought them many moons ago, so no chance on something matching. Hey, I was shopping for my secret pal so it all evened out.

But the KAL doesn't start for awhile. I've started the hood on my hoodie scarf though! I didn't knit last week at all. I do love the feel of this shine worsted, but the yardage kind of bites. 75 yds per wonder I couldn't find anything for the 6 I had. Sheesh. I might finish it by knitting this week if I actually knit during my time off. Today I had a tattoo removal session, and this wasn't NEAR as bad as laser. It was like, um, getting a tattoo. It did take an hour and a half though (my laser session took about 3 minutes), and I couldn't knit because the woman's husband was chatting with me to take my mind off of the pain and I didn't want to be rude. Though, they were of the "interesting" variety (read: a little nutty) so the conversation was very colourful. Oh yes indeed. I didn't need to bring knitting into that environment. Really.


sunneshine said...

The secret of the stole sounds interesting... Do you have a link?

Elspeth said...

Ooh, I'm so jealous! I'm planning on getting another tattoo once I find a place to try. Any suggestions?