Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It was necessary!

So I figured out that all my small sized needles (under 4) are dpns so I didn't have any needles for the secret stole! Oh noes! So after I went out for pancakes with my loving husband (he who pays for said luxuries like pancakes) I stopped by the International grocery store in Kirkwood then to the knitting store.

Of course since I haven't knit a swatch, I didn't know if I wanted size 2 or 3, so I picked up both. Since I'm knitting with alpaca I didn't really want addi turbos (too slippy) so I bought s 24" addi naturas. They better be nice dammit. And the 24s seemed right to me.

Now lets hope that the cat doesn't think the tips are tasty, or I'll have to spend another $13 on a new pair.

Also, there are 22 people in front of me for Ravelry, so I have a feeling I'll be posting my username quite soon!

1 comment:

kim4life said...

WHat it is with the cost of needles anyway? Love them, need them, and hate to pay for them. Congrats on the soon to be on Raverly. I think there are 1200 people in front of me or probably more!