Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Knitty

So I go to the new knitty and see Cherie Amour and ooh and aah. Of course, a bulky knit...which I have been obsessing over. The Merino Bulky it calls for is 12 sts per 4". Okay.

But I want to make this now.

I wandered down to Hobby Lobby (it is across from a Target and the husband has been bugging me to buy him socks all week) and they don't have any of the yarn I was thinking of for this damn sweater. Mainly Bernat Black Lites Yarn (in the blue colour), or Patons Rumors. And I didn't notice until today that the gauge on the house "Yarn Bee" yarn is a crochet gauge. WTH?

No yarn was bought, and now I'm kind of at an impasse. Sure, I could buy the "cheap" yarn online, but it isn't all that cheap because the yardage is 60 yds per skein! Or I could get something nice, but if I'm subbing out for 100% wool, it can't be 100% alpaca or cotton because it will droop. So acrylic or an acrylic blend really is my best bet *sigh*. And I've never actually seen/felt this big lights yarn, even though it is bright blue and black I'm still unsure.

I was almost tempted to make it out of homespun, but then I came back to the real world ;)

Subbing is a pain in the ass.


kim4life said...

I love the pattern too. I have not thought about yarn yet, but ooohh is it pretty!

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

I have a burning need to knit this as well, good luck with the subbin'