Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I broke my Denise

So I was knitting on Sunday, being bummed I couldn't go to knitting (early dinner/late lunch before my husband ran off to a concert). Guess what? My Denise set snapped! I know this has happened a few times (looks at E), but I didn't really think it would happen when it did. I was knitting at a small gauge and there were a lot of stitches to tug. So blam!

Good thing Denise sets can connect together to make new cords. And it broke in ribbing.

Speaking of ribbing, I'm still on the waist ribbing. I haven't really knit since that break on Sunday. The ribbing is annoying because it is at such a tight gauge that it isn't fun. I only have 24 rows of it left, I should just finish it off so I can go back to big needles and lacey stuff.

Wow, I just read this and I feel like a teen wrote it. I've been getting a lot more headaches/migranes lately. As in, every day. Today is pretty bad. I need to get to my new cube so I can knock out the overhead lights. *sigh* That, or I should ask to focus in the teen specialties to market to them online. Because they are so totally cute I'd be moted if they hated them.Um, Like ya.


Zonda said...

Bummer on the broke Denise!! Hope your headaches/migraines get better!

Elspeth said...

I think that's what happened to me too - a lot of stitches at a tight gauge. Unfortunately since that time I've lost a lot of the pieces and haven't used my Denise set in years.

I'm sorry to hear of your setback!