Wednesday, August 29, 2007


There is really never anything to report on progress when you are knitting two stockinette sleeves at the same time. I'm a little over 13" in on them. Woo. The green is getting old, I need something black to knit on.

I think I'm going to do that cabled hoodie scarf out of my shine worsted I thought about in January. Should be nice and cosy, and I have the exact yardage and will use the same yarn. I almost never do that!

Also, Mindy (aka, SHOES) forced me to buy shoes. I swear. I didn't even get a discount (from my new job, they don't seem to carry this pattern). What an enabler. But let me tell ya, they rock!!

Hello, she even included a pic!

Yes, those are bunnies. BUNNIES! YES! On dark purple, not black, but I dig purple. Oh, and she even tracked down the right size. What a friend!


stella said...

Those are too good. Waaaaay too good.

Zonda said...

Those are too cool!

Check out my latest ones!

Zonda said...
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Zonda said...

Tried to link it!

kim4life said...

Good friends can be soo expensive when they fine the right shoe!

Shoes said...

Sweet.... LOLbunnies are very happy
Now Kathy wants the sheep ones or elephants :)
Corruption is fun!

Shannon said...

I DID see the sheep at Journeys in the Galleria they can at least be found locally. The blue sheep, not the pink sheep. They also had the sharks and hippos!

Elspeth said...

Very cute shoes!