Friday, August 10, 2007


I finished Le Slouch, but I wore my hair "wrong" for a good photo to be taken today. I'll do it tonight or tomorrow.

I cast on for Torque, and boy is this going to take a bit of time. I wish I would have figured out how to do it in the round and split for the armholes, because this is going to kill me in plain stockinette on size 6 needles.

Still not sure if I can make it to knitting on Sunday, as we're planning on going to see Stardust after brunch. Or maybe an early dinner, I'm not sure yet. DH never lets me know of the plans ahead of time!

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Shoes said...

mmm brunch. I love me some brunch..
Stupid me bought Sims pets this week....While I spent all day knitting, playing, cleaning and dying yarn I'd rather be doing any of the three fun ones than sleep right now.. damn work and needing rest for it...