Friday, August 10, 2007

Le What? Le Slouch!

Okay, I love this thing, and it was such an easy and quick knit. I did do it in seed stitch, mostly because there are some sweaters out in seed stitch and I wanted to remind myself that it is a PITA. Still went quickly though. Oh, the yarn (Berrocco Smart Mohair) pretty much blows. It is scratchy acrylicy, not soft acrylicy. But, that does make for a warm and durable hat. Never make something that is touching your skin out of this stuff! *shudder*

I'm considering making at least one other. Maybe in a blue or something. Hrm!


Zonda said...

Looks good! I too made mine in seed stitch. I like it better that way.

sunneshine said...

I love it! And it fits you so well. Now if it was just cooler so it could be worn!