Friday, June 30, 2006

Stars Redux

More stars. These are seriously fast, and easy. Could be blocked better, but honestly, they are supposed to be dishcloths, and they get wet.

The pink one is made out of Sugar and Cream (I still have enough left for little noses and such on stuffed animals and things) and the black is that never ending Crystal Palace Cotton.

Never ending I tell you. I'm going to make the Everyone's Doing It Shrug from craftster, mostly because I don't know how much I have left! It should be pretty quick.


HoJo said...

Ok, now this is starting to get scary. First I see the anthropologie capelet and rush to do it, now I want to do these stars. Why did you have to move so far away for me to shadow your knitting choices?

Jennifer said...

Ooh cool- I have some black Sugar and Cream that I didn't know what to do with- now i know!

BlackCrow said...

OOOps I thought you were making these for xmas...hahaha.
Dishcloths, I want to see them in action:)
Now I'm going to have too take a look at this shrug:)