Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yesterday was all about cravings.

Yesterday after picking my brother up at lunch, I had mad cravings for pancakes. So since we were in Creve Coeur, I decided to treat us to lunch at First Watch.

Okay, I notice there is no knitting content in that, bear with me.

It was good btw. Mmm....Banana Crunch pancakes!

Anyway, FW is across the street from Threadquarters, so I decided to take 5 minutes and stop in. Its mostly a needlework store, but they do have yarn. And a quite a bit of Alpaca! Prices were the same as usual, until you got to their 75% off bins. And look who was all alone in a sea of insane colours and novelty yarn?

Poor things. Its actually pretty nice, and $3.00 for both! I rarely impulse yarn purchase, but $3.00 on a $6.00 a ball yarn with no shipping? Aw, it had to come home with me!

Not like I got to knitting anything last night anyway, I had to deal with soap stuff!


Elspeth said...

Great find! We missed you at Hobee's yesterday ...

KnitPastis said...

That is an excellent price for both!! $3 what a bargin!

Anonymous said...

I love banana pancakes! I love finding bargain yarn! Sounds like a great day.

Your SP8 SP