Wednesday, July 05, 2006


This weekend I didn't really knit. It was our anniversary, and I decided to acknowledge my dear husband's existance for a change. I mean, I notice he's there most of the time, but he generally has a book or a laptop glued to his face. This weekend was a nice change from that.

Since there isn't much "knitting" news, I did get a super great awesome package from my Secret Pal 8!

It rocks so much from the gummy eggs (so weird) to the Lenore comics right down to the bunny stitch markers. Oh, and check out the scarf she made me! Nice!

And I need a perfect pattern for that lovely stuff! My SP8 rocks!!!


raquel said...

maybe these??? they have a sample of them in....BLACK!!! woohoo!!!

Anonymous said...

The hubby is cute! Congrats on your anniversary!

Your SP8 Secret Pal

msfortuknit said...

Wow! That really is quite the fantastic set of gifts!
Happy anniversary!