Saturday, August 23, 2008

Math freaking sucks

Okay, I'm on chart 7 of 8. Woo! That means 48 rows till I bind off.

Except I can't make it freaking work! I've knit the row 3x now. Just not enough (or too many) stitches. WTF? I'm so frustrated.


Time to try to put in a life line I guess and figure it out manually stitch by stitch. I wasn't off in chart 6, so I don't know what my issue is. K4tog is knitting 4 together right? Sheesh.

[edit] obviously I just needed to bitch and add a lifeline, because all is good now that I can read. Har har.


stella said...

I hear ya.. I'm 4 rows from finishing my lace shawl for Ravelympics, and i found a boo boo a few rows back... i put it away and left for a few hours, hoping it would figure itself out while i was gone....

kim4life said...

Yeah almost there. Get hubby to give ya a rub down!