Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting there

Okay, I have 8 more inches in the long stretch till I start the lace charts. I have until 11:59 am on Sunday to finish this all. Eek! It took 3 days to do the lace chart on the other end, so really, I need to be done 8 inches in 2 days plus starting the decreases. Hrm. Oh, and that whole blocking thing. Really, if I bind off, that is really damn finished to me. I'm not nit-picky. A lace shawl on size 2 needles in 17 days? Okay, that deserves a gold.

Makes me want to stay up late and knit! Almost, I'm exhausted. Ugh. I have to hustle, but today it looks like I could actually do it! I'm inspired now!

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