Thursday, August 14, 2008

Knitting my little fingers off.

So I'm not knitting as fast as projected. This is bothering me. I'm 10" into the 42" middle stretch, and this is behind. I need 3 days to finish the final triangle. Hrm. I'm sure I'll knit more on the weekend, and then Ben is gone to Chicago on the 19th, so I have a bit of time to veg out and do that.

For those who thought I was a speedy knitter, I'm obviously not. There are people who have completely blocked and finished lace weight shawls. How? I have no freaking idea. Really. I don't think I could be done if I didn't have a full time job, had to work out, or had to sleep. Hrm.

It is also really bugging me that I have a UFO. I know, I'll live. I really need to think about going out of the house for buttons for the thing. The craft stores in this state blow for that kinda stuff. However, one of the knitting shops is right beside a shop that has a ton of buttons, I'm sure I can find plain black buttons in either. I wonder if I can match up the pink. Hrm.

Thinking of baby #2, who turned out to be a girl as well. Pink isn't the best bet for this momma, as she's not very into it. I'm thinking a little baby kimono or cardigan for this tyke, but unsure of the colour. She's excited she might have a redhead who will look cute in purple. There's always that!

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Elspeth said...

Personally, I like white, red or purple for all babies - much more fun than baby pink or baby blue! Good luck on the shawl. I guess I've gotten your fast knitting gene this year because I've knit a lot more than usual!