Thursday, December 21, 2006


That was creepy, I was logged into google, and I couldn't find my blogs! Hah. Dumb switchover. I guess I have to wait for this to get sorted out.

Anyway, I haven't been knitting at all really. We signed our name on the dotted line for a house. So, no time for knitting, as the husband has deemed that if *I* want a house, I'm to do all the work.

I'd say I'm joking, but honestly, I'm doing everything. And I'm a bit too organized. My knitters bag is now home owners central, with every sort of file we could ever need for a mortgage and buying. It is ridiculous. I don't think I can fit any knitting in it anyway.

So, we'll be living in a cute little house in Brentwood. It is small, but adorable. There is tons of room in the basement too. You know, I gotta stash that yarn somewhere!


lidabit said...

yay for you guys! We're in pre-approval now, so just gotta find us the place and we're homeowners too - *gulp*

Lu said...


Shoes said...

Dude, awesome. Brentwood eh? Consider me very intrigued. I have a friend who jsut got a house in South City, near Francis park... look at all of us pretending to be grown up...its so cute! :P