Monday, December 25, 2006

Nothing knitting for xmas.

Note: This blogger switch is pissing me off more by autodirecting to the NEW blogger with my gmail account. I have to quickly hit the stop button before it redirects in order to log into the OLD blogger and then update.

I didn't get anything knitting related for xmas! This is weird!

I did get a brand new camera for xmas, and I still can't take a decent photo. I guess the next step is hiring a photographer....maybe a dwarf who can fit in my pocket so I can take all the credit ;)

Merry xmas or whatever the hell you do or don't celebrate. For me, it is gifty time and my loving husband outdid himself this year (you know, besides the house, because that is a damn good gift). I knit a little pouch for my camera, but you don't need to see that just yet. I took a picture, but I forgot to download it, and I have a damn headache. It is stockinette, you aren't missing much.

And yes, I did figure out how to turn ON red eye reduction after my photos were taken. Kthx. I still suck as a photographer.


Elspeth said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day! I didn't get anything knitting for Christmas either - how weird!

Zonda said...

Happy Holidays..well since I missed wishing you Merry Christmas! I still am learning with my camera...hehe...just found out what the mike button is for LOL! I so do not want to switch to the other blogger...eeek!

Anonymous said...

I love the bows! I only got knitty stuff from my coworkers this year, freaky! I did get a neat "I have a black belt in crazy" t-shirt from my Boy.

Happy Haulidays and Congrats on the house!