Tuesday, December 12, 2006

They liked it!

I finally gave my boss the puppy baby booties and the hat. They LOVED them! Yay! I'm still blocking (yes, I NEED a sweater dryer, towels just make things annoying) and I still haven't taken a photo of my hat.

Honestly, I just keep on forgetting.

Anyway, binary is coming along. I have the pattern memorized, and it is going to be random as I'm too lazy to remember which digits to do when. I'm doing it on circs too, dpn's would have been figety. I still want to do the "Caution" scarf, but I still haven't gotten to get some bright yellow yarn.

Me, knitting in bright yellow. *shudder* At least the bright green is geeky!

1 comment:

Shoes said...

so can i see the puppy booties.. since I was all dumber than hell about them