Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Been at a Conference

So I've been at a Conference all week. Since I don't take notes, I have been knitting through the sessions. Nobody seems to mind, or at least the speakers think it is cool.

Which means, I'm almost done my MFS! If I do short sleeves, I can have it done tomorrow by the final session, but I think I might go longer. I have enough yarn, so why not? I tried it on and I LOVE it. LOVE the fit. It was worth the miles of k1p1. Really. It is hugging and flattering and nice. I'm getting some ladders from my dpns with the cotton, but it will block out. Which only means I have to block it before I wear it! Boo!

I can't believe I'm so happy with it. Well, I guess it depends on the sleeves. I'm considering 3/4 length, but I dunno, maybe I should go full. I don't know which I would get more use out of. Hrm. I AM getting tired of the ribbing, that is for sure.

And I let the people at my conference (search engine strategies) know about all the knitting bloggers that are out there (one person knew of a cr*chet blogger). No, we don't just all blog about technology, sheesh. These people are so sheltered. And no, I don't optimize my blog, because I do it for a living and I really don't blog about much that is worthy content. I tend to just report on finished objects.

I am starting to feel bad about that. Maybe I need more content. Maybe I need to not be at a conference that is telling me I need more content. Then again, there are way too many companies who are paying bloggers out there. And they don't have knitters on their lists. Facists!

Hah! Then again, I don't want to be a slave to advertisers. They can all go to hell I say. I'll plug what is good for free. Or maybe a hank of yarn or 2....just kidding ;)

I just realized I finished my Headline News last week and never took a photo. Bad blogger. I'll post that soon, the hat is at home and I'm in Chicago!

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Marcia said...

soooo jealous! I wish I could
(1) knit as fast as you do, &
(2) knit during some of my meetings at work!
can't wait to see your MFN, and I'd love to see your finished SKB with the hematite beads!