Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Headline News

I finished this weeks ago but finally got around to a photo. I really do like it. The plastic in the brim is great. You can't really see the cables, but I swear they are there. It is the perils of knitting in black.

The pattern calls for 200yds, but I used maybe a bit more than half a skein of Cotton Ease which is 207yds. I can weigh it and tell you exactly how much I used, but honestly, "it was quite a bit less than 200yds" is accurate enough for the morning.

Great quick project. Don't be afraid of it, the instructions in Stitch & Bitch Nation are very well written.


Zonda said...

That is fab!! Nice work! Yay, I have pattern and yarn....hehe good to know just how much it takes! :)Thanks!

BlackCrow said...

looks great, I like the cotton ease, I might have to get ahold of some myself as I don't like the wool I used on mine.
I have gone off wool abit and have been knitting more and more with cotton.
I did enjoy making it and have ordered myself to make another!

I've been knitting nothing but black for 2 weeks I'll have to post it up soon!

Anonymous said...

You look so cute in that hat!