Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I need to just stop reading Knitters Review.

It just makes me an angry bitch. And that's not polite!

Pretty much on the knitting front, I'm waiting for the new Glampyre pattern to come out on Stitch Diva. Of course, it doesn't have yardage, so I have to wait to buy yarn or use what I have. Grr. I love this damn pattern.

I think I might make Sizzle next, and hope I have enough yarn. Maybe not. I'm still deep in feather and fan world.


Villasatu said...


I loved your Bats, It's so much fun :-)

a Amazing Lacer on a pit stop


Anonymous said...

I'm always afraid I'm going to run out of yarn... I say go for Sizzle!

Your SP8 Secret Pal

Heatherly said...

i want that pattern too!

BlackCrow said...

ohhh I love the long sleeve version...hmm but didn't I knit something like that already?

I was just about to ask a question on KR..now I'm worried.
Oh and you reminded me I need to buy more yarn..:)

Elspeth said...

So what's the KR problem? I don't go there much anymore, too much time on Judy's Book!

raquel said...

so what's the beef with the KR stuff? the wool allergy talk and all...??? hhmmm. sorry didn't make it to snb yesterday! i fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 4. didn't think it would be worth the 30 min trip only to be there for about 30 min. maybe next week???

Elspeth said...

Duh -- I think I looked at the link and thought that was just emphasis!