Monday, July 10, 2006

Everyone's Doing it?

Well, whoopsie. I ran out of yarn. I didn't think it would be that small. Hah.

I was done this Friday, but just got around to posting about it tonight. It's cotton, it's tight. Eh, oh well.

No harm done. I'm still on a "use up stash" spree, and I'm making a feather and fan shawl (or blanket, depends on how much yarn I REALLY have on that cone) out of the purple space dyed nylon fake mohair stuff. Of course I started it on Friday and haven't really knit much this weekend.

I was bathing suit shopping. I completely flaked on knitting on Sunday because it took 2 days. Ugh. I finally have a pool suit, and a few on order from online. At least now I can do laps and my top not come off. See, that is a problem when you have the wrong size suit, and er, I don't need the extra attention.

On another note, I think I just made the best butter tarts ever. And you won't understand if you don't eat Canadian food. My brother has inhaled 5, that's a good sign. Unfortunately, I only made 16!


Anonymous said...

I think I just found my new project! Well, it'll enter the queue...

Your SP8 Secret Pal

KnitPastis said...

It's better than I could ever do! I think it looks great. I am going to try my first lace item maybe in a couple of weeks finally.

BlackCrow said...

I'm doing it too!
I was up till midnight knitting away.
I thought I had the right size to start the first sleeve.
Finished one and found it was way too small so had to rip it up and keep increasing.
hmpf I though knitting was good exercise for the arms!
Lucky my mines in green!

BlackCrow said...

hmm buttered tart :)
I'll have to ask my canadian SIL!