Saturday, February 18, 2006

Wow, that was fun.

Back fom Stitches. My throat is pretty sore, and I'm having a hard time swallowing (as in, drinking water HURTS and I need more drugs) but 4 benedryls later and a wad of disposable cash made Stitches West quite fun!

Yes, I bought that shirt, though Emily (my knitting buddy from SF) and I decided that zombies could knit if they really wanted to, so ending it with "die" is quite untrue. But I mean really, where will I find a zombie knitting shirt? I'm sure zombies get cold with all that ripped up clothing they are forced to wear.

I bought quite a bit for my Secret Pals! Woo! Unfortunately I was pretty drugged up by the time I made it to Hollis' booth that I forgot to um, BUY stuff that I needed for one of them. Doh! No photos of SP stuff, its secret ya know?

But my stuff isn't!

Hemp! Yes, I bought the pattern too (that I wasn't sure if she was holding down) because the sample wasn't really rolling. I'm not sure I love the lace edging, but I'll work with it. The woman who helped me first was honestly of no use. The second lady who helped me was the designer, and she helped with the math. Super sweet, and I even got a tag to sew in the back. I really liked the cartigan but its knit side to side, and I wasn't really trusting it. Plus, shaping is good.

Have to stop at Interlacements each time I go near an event. $24 for 740 yds of very pretty cotton rayon. Its pretty. I don't know what the hell to do with it (18st per 4") but well, its not really a problem yet, I'm still enamoured with looking at it. I wasn't in love with the regular cotton colorways. Everything was bright this year. They always have a kickass sale bin ($15 for 8-16oz of hand dyed merino) but its always 100% wool. Screw that :P

My splurge. I stopped by Tess' booth. Looking for more of that wicked Alpaca I got from my last SP. The black section was lacking (and sorting by colors REALLY SUCKS when you are allergic to wool, y0), but what was catching my eye? Oh, 666 yards of black fine silk. 666! Black! On sale (still enough to make my heart pitter patter, I mean it wasn't that much of a discount)! This is just crying out to be a shawl or a wrap with some sort of flame motif, or even skull and crossbones. I love it. I'm so goth I bought 666 yards of pure silk to knit something lacey and gothic *staples hand to forehead*

So I came out with money to spare. Which means I can get some needles (to finish off my bamboo interchangeable system), and more yarn. Now to go lay in bed, and make sure I keep breathing. Ugh!


Elspeth said...

What a great haul! I had gone in wanting to get some Tess Yarn and I didn't and now I'm really jealous! I missed the "cheap" Interlacements too, even though I went to their booth twice! Everything I wanted was at least $30 a skein ...

Joanne said...

Missed you there... love the Interlacements you bought. I have some ribbon from them that is waiting to become a tank.

jennifer said...

I found your blog through one of the Knitting Olympics sites and thought I'd say hi, as I love the title :) Also, your sweater is gorgeous!

This: I'm so goth I bought 666 yards of pure silk to knit something lacey and gothic *staples hand to forehead* also made me laugh. A lot.