Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The state of the onion.

Well, things are going slow around here. I haven't really knit anything since well, last Tuesday. I'm just working on the hat, and I'm convinced its too big.

Its not that big a deal, just something to knit until the Knitting Olympics start Friday.

Packing is going slowly. Ben packs completely different than myself. For instance: I pack all books like minded in a box. pad with plushies and such. So all my herb books are in a box, all my mythology in another and so on. Ben packs by size. All large books in one box, medium books in another, and so on fitting them together like a tetris puzzle. Which means, if I need to find a book without unpacking, I have no fucking clue where the hell he stuck it. With over 20 shelves of books, this is REALLY annoying.

And then I'm left to pack everything else. I had to pack his damn desk crap because he packed "my" books. *sigh* There is tension in the bunny house. And just an fyi, this guy has more clothes and shoes than me. He's in charge of that.

I did pack my knitting books. I didn't want those all messed up. I mean, what happens if I actually finish the sweater for the closing ceremonies? I wouldn't have anything pulled out to knit! I need something small to knit for the plane. That means I need to "unpack" my knitting stuff again. Doh! Well, its only in tubs, no big deal.

And I'm kicking myself for not going to Hollis' Superbowl Sale. Doh! Everyone's hauls look so great! I still haven't talked to Ben about my Stitches "budget" but it will be meager. Damn moving.

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