Friday, February 10, 2006


So I'm meeting with friends tonight, and um, packing the rest of the time so I was going to at least cast on at 2pm for the knitting olympics. Because I mean, its more important than work right?

Well, I brought the yarn, pattern and I thought I was set!

Wait, don't you need needles to knit?


Looks like I'll be starting Saturday. UGH!

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BlackCrow said...

I don't believe it, I thought I was going to be the only shitty olympian knitter this morning.
I had one wrong pair of circular needles,I needed 5.00mm not 5.50mm, but fortunately I had the right size in double pointed needles. So casting on and doing an inch of the ribbing went well until I had to switch to the 6.5 circulars, I opened the packet and started knitting away happily watching the ceromony getting into the whole atmosphere of it, when
slowly I started to realize that these 6.5's seemed a bit thin, so I measured them and sure enough they where bloody no. 4's!!!!!
They had been put in the wrong packet!!!!!!
So I ripped it the whole lot up and went outside to calm down. What a waist of 3 hours!!. And today I'm supposed to be starting a knitting group, ha ha ha!