Sunday, February 12, 2006


Elspeth was looking for progress in the knitting olympics. I think most of us are too busy knitting to blog!

I did the back in about 5 hours. I cast on Friday night before my company arrived, and finished it Saturday morning.

This was yesterday. You have to keep flipping pages for the lace rows and the actual rows. I'm REALLY not happy with the fact that the directions say (paraphrased) "oh, and for the right side, reverse everything". Um. I have to keep track of 2 different rows AND reversing everything to make another side AND add button holes. I asked the author of the paid pattern if she had it written out in reverse, and she said I would figure it out when I got to it.

Um. Thanks. Or something.

So as much as it looks like I got a lot done, I didn't. And I might be too pissed off to finish the right front.

And yes, I have done sweaters with this type of explanation. Vnecks and such. You know, that don't have a LOT of pattern and shaping throughout. It doesn't mean that this has to be the accepted norm. Maybe I'm not an "intermediate" knitter yet then if I have such high standards.

At least there are schematics.


Elspeth said...

Man, that sucks! I love that you paid for such limited directions! And she is "sweater babe" and all...

BlackCrow said...

long gone are the days of the fully detailed and illustrated directions fo knitting patterns.
I had a look at a pattern the other day for jumper and instead of row numbers she put in cute little pink hearts!!
So what your supposed to count down the number of hearts each time to work out what row you are on??
That's just stupid!
Good luck:)