Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kittyville Hat

Kittyville Hat, SnB. Lionbrand CottonEase, and Bernat Boucle (this stuff never dies, I swear the ball goes on and on and on). Size 8 needles.

This hat would have taken a few hours, if I had knit on it for any length of time. I didn't add the earflaps, since I would have had to bust into another skein, and well, I didn't want to.

I much prefer ribbed bands, since this hat is a bit big, and it would of made it fit better. Bella was upset that she's never in photos so I dragged her into this one.



AJ said...

That is such a cute hat, I love it!

BlackCrow said...

This was so funny as the downloaded.
The hat looks great I've been meaning to make this hat for well over a year now and it was why I started knitting again. But what a cat you have, I have to put up a pic of fat kitty, my cat by default.

lisa said...

Very cute! Meow!!

Nicole said...

Oh man...I want one of those hats!! With earflaps though ;)

One of these days I will actually have enough spare time to teach myself how to knit and then I'll be bombarding you with questions!