Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Total eclipse of the Soleil ;)

Thanks SO much to Lu for taking time out of her knitting to do the crochet edging for me. Its confirmed that I am probably only 50% crochet gimpy, and the other 50% has to do with the hooks I own.

If I am in this state when HoJo opens her store and has her first crochet class, I promise to be there!

And the specs: around 3.5 balls of Schachenmayr Micro in 0099 (black folks, black). Size 5 needles. If I was to make this again, I would keep decreasing on the shoulders, since its a bit wide for me. I'm having a curling problem even after steaming but I'm sure after I toss it in the wash and dry it flat it will be perfect. I just wanted to wear it today!

Oh, and the back:

Okay, I know I don't have to say this, but these are self portrait bathroom shots, so all lumpiness and weird creases are because its 8:15am. Even check the clock, sheesh.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Dear Body,

Please stop producing so many hormones. You make me look like a nutjob. I might be a nutjob in private, but I don't need the public to know it! Hehe!

Love, me.

Monday, August 29, 2005


That's fucking it. Who am I paying to do the fucking crochet on this stupid fucking tanktop.

This is ridiculous. The crap keeps on splitting, and everything is so tight that I can't get the loops to go and GRRR!

This is going in the damn garbage if I have to finish it. FUCKING CROCHET.

Well, that didn't work out

I was going to have my Soleil done by today, but that would have required me knitting this weekend. I didn't really do that. Hell, I didn't do much besides have a nervous breakdown yesterday (don't worry, I'm fine and found it to be pms).

So I guess I'll finish it tonight. I'd wear it tomorrow if it fit, but well, I have to do inventory at work tomorrow and that means me getting pretty damn dirty in the warehouse counting pencils and TVs and such. Its already shaping up to be a nightmare so its not looking good.

Anyway, need to finish off the front of the damn thing. I won't try it on until I finish knitting. Oh crud...I forgot about the cr*chet. UGGG!

Can't believe its almost September. I need to get those xmas gifts cranked out pronto! (xmas in St. Louis is Thanksgiving, unless I'm completely not finished).

Friday, August 26, 2005

Time? Where did it go?

Wow, I've been making soap lately, so no time to knit. Not really activities that go hand and hand. Oh ya, and that darn day job gets in the way too.

At least I've started the V-neck for Soleil. I have no fear of running out of yarn this time. That's a pleasant change for me!

Monday, August 22, 2005


I got my 2 Rebecca's from England today! Yay! Unfortunately, I'm not rushing to make any of the patterns. Some are cute, but nothing I'm going to drop my current projects for. Oh well.

I think I'm in lust with their spring/summer issues more. But that's okay, I still love them!

Damn charts too! One day I'll have strong chart foo. One day *sigh*


Well, I didn't get a chance to knit yesterday, but I have a few more rows till I start increasing for the chest. This is a nice pattern, even if I did mess up the lace in the back. Nope, not gonna fix it. The Micro is still nice and soft, I hope it fits!

Friday, August 19, 2005


Its a cloudy day (at least by the airport) so this morning I cast on for Soliel! Yay! This better be wearable ;) I have to do cr*chet again. Eww!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Its socky!

1 sock done. Another started. I just found out I have a new baby (quote: "if it sticks", heh) to knit for, so that will be fun. She's a coworker, and she's um, completely weird? Is that polite enough? Now why would I want to knit something like that? Because well, I can go insane in the planning and she would appreciate it. Or I can make more bunnies.

I need to start Soleil. I keep putting it off. It will be my first chart reading *beam*. Heh, its such an easy chart too ;) Watch me screw it up.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wasn't that sweet?

Around 7pm there were 3 of us sitting around knitting last night. Myself, Amy and Abigail. A woman came up to us and asked if we take yarn donations. Of course we do! Heck, we can make some cool things to give to charities, or even get new knitters started on some of this stuff. As they say, free yarn is great yarn!

So she is happy to hear this, and we try to get her to come and hone her skills next week if she really wants to learn more than rectangles. We're a helpful bunch. She comes back to our table after ordering her pastries and asks if we like chocolate. Hello? Is the pope Catholic? We nod, not knowing what to say. I mean, its not like we knew what was going on (okay, that could just be me being dense), or if we had a hint, she already bribed us with free yarn. That's pretty much enough for a knitter. She comes back to our table with 2 yummy chocolate "rum" balls. I think that's what they were. They were tasty, and it was very very kind of her. Did I mention that they were tasty? Mmmm! And huge! Sheesh.

So not only is it nice to meet new people, its really nice when they bribe you with free yarn and chocolate. Hehehe. A new friend!

Hopefully, I can pass on the good karma.

Monday, August 15, 2005

You know what sucks?

When you sucker your husband into going to Half Moon Bay for dinner, getting there way early before your reservation, and having the yarn shop closed.


It closed early, just that one day. Figures.

Oh, then having a 30% off coupon at Borders and them not having the book you want. Then going through the Saturday AND Sunday paper and not getting a Michaels ad, with the 40% off coupon to buy the damn book there.

Its funny, we went to the county fair, and I've heard rumours of other fairs having wool sales (I'm always shopping for others, hehe), and ours doesn't. At least I got to pet bunnies.

Yesterday was very unknitty.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


For all thos Kool Aid Dyers...

You probably know what it looks like but its a good reference to have I believe.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Not going to happen.

Well, I need to go down to a size 4 or 3 needle for the Silk Camisole. I don't have those in circs, so I'm putting it off. Instead, I found I got gauge for Soleil (kinda, depends on how I measure and the axis of the earth in accordance to Jupiter). So I'll make Soleil instead. Naaa! :P

I got my order from Hello Knitty and feel kinda dirty. Oh, everything was great (and I would tell you what I got but I'd have to kill you, most of it was for my secret pal) but I feel weird ordering from Hello "Knitty" as I work for the big mouthless cat. And uh, they use her image without permission, and I'm supposed to crack down on that. Copyright stuff, you know. So they reproduce the big mouthless cat, without permission, and well, that's bad.

So ignorance is bliss, I mean, who checks knitting sites for the big mouthless cat? Besides me? Ya, well, customer service was great, so I'm turning a blind eye.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Unfortunately, a book you ordered is no longer available at CRAFTERS CHOICE:

by Nicky Epstein

by Erika Knight

Bummer. I know I'll pick up Knitting on the Edge soon, but I was pretty happy about getting it for 50% off. Figures. I could always use my Borders coupon I got on Tuesday. I think Ben has a 30% off one.

I've been hurty lately (damn arms) so not knitting much. I only did about a half dozen rows when I was out on Tuesday.

To cheer me up I got Vintage Knits in the mail today. Its one of those books where I love to look at it, but honestly can't say I'll make anything out of it. I got it used, so I don't feel so bad. I WISH they had schematics so I don't have to read through the whole patterns to see if they have waist shaping. I'm sure I'll make something out of it eventually, if I ever have a 36" bust or feel the need to have something ultra tight on me.

Wait, Shannon have her boobs pop out? Never! Damn high necklines make it hard to show cleavage!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cut OFF.

Okay, you know that whole relation between PMS and spending money. I'm so blaming everything on that. Can't stuff my face? Well then, I'll shop!


I bought 2 patterns from Rowan. Hey, $.85 euros each, better than the whole magazine right?

Red Hot. Sexy. Mmm.

Pagan. It has sleeve and collar options. Okay, I didn't need it, but its cute!!

Then I went to Crafters Choice because I haven't been in awhile. Oops.

-Simple Knits with a Twist (hey, it was $5.99. I can't not buy a knitting book that's less than $6, its illegal!)
-The Forgotten Arts & Crafts (been in my cart forever)
-Knitting On the Edge (got it for 50% off)
-Knitting Over the Edge (50% off again)

I can't leave well enough alone. Plus, I'm being billed for the books. So I went to Rebecca-online to find out when I can get my next Rebecca fix. What? A special magazine is out? The internet is my friend, and I got that one, AND #30 which isn't due out until the 17th.

*dies* England gets 2 thumbs up from me mate!

To top of my day of spending, I think I'll buy the Fall Vogue Knitting magazine. I like Annie's sweater, hopefully the pattern will be easier to read than the Silk Corset.

Irish Hiking Scarf

Here is my lovely washed out photo :) The Irish Hiking Scarf made of Lionbrand Babysoft Yarn in Lavender. Verdict: Cables are fun, acrylic cables aren't all that beautiful, and its a bit short, but cute anyway.

A great way to use leftover yarn mind you!

Monday, August 08, 2005


Okay, WTF is up with Pinky????

Is that the most retarded MALE hat ever or is it just me? I don't even think my flaming gay male friends would wear that. Even the LARPers (live action role players) backed away with a glint of fear in their eyes.

Dear Knitty, I love you usually (this issue did suck ass however), and I understand you are free, but if you want me to pay for a subscription I will if you cut out all that fucking cr@p you are publishing. Is this all you can give us? A retarded gnome hat? At least I didn't bash the useless drawstring bag. I'd take 10 of those before that gimpy submission.

Finito, SIL Socks

I finished them off on Friday or Saturday, I can't remember. Working with the Cascade Fixation is really nice!

Next is Brother Inlaws socks. Those are blue varigated and no coloured heels/toes. Should be a walk in the park as soon as I find a good plain pattern for the right gauge. I could always use one of those sock calculator thingers. Oh, that's the easy way ;)

Friday, August 05, 2005


Knitpicks has new yarns.



Fun stuff.

Well, I'm finding it difficult to juggle 2 projects. How do you stars do it? I feel like I can't make any headway!

Sock: I have about 3 more inches before I switch to the solid for the toe. I know knots are bad. I'm a knotter. I'm NOT knotting these, and I'm being paranoid. I'm weaving my damn ends in and out and all over, multidirectional and all. Paranoid. There are a ton of ends in these as I have the colour changes. Please don't unravel! Finish date: Probably this weekend.

Scarf: Well, I had to refresh myself on the stitch pattern. I think I'm about 50% done, but since I'm knitting till the end of the skein, I have no idea. I'm a bad judge. There were originally 459 yards in this massive ball, but its been used for the baby jesters hat and booties. Not that much. I find it fun to knit, but since its on 6s, it takes a full pattern repeat to get an inch done.

So I'm knitting 2 purple things, and nothing black. That's not good! I ordered some black Fixation for a tank top! I also ordered some purple Sierra for a tank top. 20% wool? It might be a gift. Oh well, its so pretty. I might be able to wear it! Then again, I could have an attack and have to rip off my top in the middle of a crowd in order to breathe...

Gosh, that sounds fun! Me take off my clothes in public? Wow, that has never happened before ;) Haha!

Note: I tend to get naked in public often, showing off my full back tattoo, so having my boobs or butt hang out is a pretty normal occurance

Thursday, August 04, 2005

A new KAL!

Okay okay, its my knitalong, but cool! Knit something in black and be a black sheep!

I'm so dorky. I'm sure you will see this xposted when I get around to it (which is not now).

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

1 down :)

One down! Unfortunately it fits me, but it will shrink. It better shrink ;) Or the pair will be coming back home with me in November!

Found that size 4s done kill my hands, which is a good thing. Or maybe I've just been lucky. Either way, I cast on for the second one this morning. No second sock syndrome here!