Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cut OFF.

Okay, you know that whole relation between PMS and spending money. I'm so blaming everything on that. Can't stuff my face? Well then, I'll shop!


I bought 2 patterns from Rowan. Hey, $.85 euros each, better than the whole magazine right?

Red Hot. Sexy. Mmm.

Pagan. It has sleeve and collar options. Okay, I didn't need it, but its cute!!

Then I went to Crafters Choice because I haven't been in awhile. Oops.

-Simple Knits with a Twist (hey, it was $5.99. I can't not buy a knitting book that's less than $6, its illegal!)
-The Forgotten Arts & Crafts (been in my cart forever)
-Knitting On the Edge (got it for 50% off)
-Knitting Over the Edge (50% off again)

I can't leave well enough alone. Plus, I'm being billed for the books. So I went to Rebecca-online to find out when I can get my next Rebecca fix. What? A special magazine is out? The internet is my friend, and I got that one, AND #30 which isn't due out until the 17th.

*dies* England gets 2 thumbs up from me mate!

To top of my day of spending, I think I'll buy the Fall Vogue Knitting magazine. I like Annie's sweater, hopefully the pattern will be easier to read than the Silk Corset.


Elspeth said...

You'll have to let me borrow your Rebeccas -- I've never looked through any. I got my Crafter's Choice too lately, but I need to pay still! (and I think I'm returning Special Knits).

Elspeth said...

But how hard can Annie's pattern be -- it has charts _and_ description!