Monday, August 08, 2005


Okay, WTF is up with Pinky????

Is that the most retarded MALE hat ever or is it just me? I don't even think my flaming gay male friends would wear that. Even the LARPers (live action role players) backed away with a glint of fear in their eyes.

Dear Knitty, I love you usually (this issue did suck ass however), and I understand you are free, but if you want me to pay for a subscription I will if you cut out all that fucking cr@p you are publishing. Is this all you can give us? A retarded gnome hat? At least I didn't bash the useless drawstring bag. I'd take 10 of those before that gimpy submission.


Elspeth said...

I will never understand the theme issues. And that hat is hideous. I don't think even a self respecting kid would wear that. I guess it's wearable art or something.

Knitty, to me, is just as overhyped as the Stitch and Bitch books. I'll buy pretty much any knitting magazine once but I wouldn't buy Knitty if it were for sale.

HoJo said...

Agreed, I think that most of Knitty is overdone and that they try too hard to be "different" and just end up being stupid.

One more thing, Did you know that I have Alpaca on sale this month?

Shannon said...

Oh no....alpaca sale *sob* I'm doomed and you deliver Hojo!

Anonymous said...

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