Monday, August 29, 2005

Well, that didn't work out

I was going to have my Soleil done by today, but that would have required me knitting this weekend. I didn't really do that. Hell, I didn't do much besides have a nervous breakdown yesterday (don't worry, I'm fine and found it to be pms).

So I guess I'll finish it tonight. I'd wear it tomorrow if it fit, but well, I have to do inventory at work tomorrow and that means me getting pretty damn dirty in the warehouse counting pencils and TVs and such. Its already shaping up to be a nightmare so its not looking good.

Anyway, need to finish off the front of the damn thing. I won't try it on until I finish knitting. Oh crud...I forgot about the cr*chet. UGGG!

Can't believe its almost September. I need to get those xmas gifts cranked out pronto! (xmas in St. Louis is Thanksgiving, unless I'm completely not finished).

1 comment:

Elspeth said...

I can't have a nervous breakdown -- who would do the work I have assigned to me?

Glad you're feeling better (are you?) and your Soleil will be done in no time. What's next, more socks?